In 1999, at the age of 33 and in the prime of my young adult life, I learned that I was “pre-destined” to suffer from hypertension.  The doctor said it was genetic and African-Americans were prone to the disease.  He wrote me a prescription for high blood pressure medication and told me that I would be on them for the rest of my life.

I was devastated and disheartened.

I began to take the medication that would “save me” from this all too common “silent killer.”  I certainly did not want to take any chances of dropping dead! For many years, my pressure was normal.  And as much as I wanted to discontinue the meds, fear assured me that if I did, I would have a stroke or heart attack and die.

Looking back, I find it amazing that changes in diet and nutrition were not even recommended as a means to prevent the “inevitable.”  In 2008, eight years after starting the meds, I begin to learn more about health, diet and nutrition.

I tried several detoxification programs to cleanse my body of toxins acquired through diet and the environment.  Each time, I fearlessly decided to stop my high blood pressure medication. Each time, my blood pressure was better than normal! I thought to myself, there must be something to this.

During the same year, I developed asthma. Again, the doctor put me on meds and said that same familiar line, “You’ll be on them for the rest of your life.” Again, he was sealing “my fate.”   The side effects were horrible: I lost my voice and had a constant sore throat. It was then that I decided to take matters into my own hands.

New Life…New Calling

I made a bold move to adopt a Vegetarian diet. The first foods to go were dairy products.  The first physical signs of change were: no more sinus problems, mucous drainage and watery eyes.  Within months I had completely stopped all asthma medications.

I so loved my new way of living, that a new way to make a living was naturally borne.  During this transition, I became a Certified Health Minister through Hallelujah Acres.

In 2009, I was introduced to the Hallelujah Diet. It follows a ration of 85% raw, unprocessed food and 15% cooked food. During this time, I stopped all medications and felt better than ever. My blood pressure was great, I lost 15 pounds (unintentionally), my skin became clearer, my hair grew like wild fire and, overall, I was happier.

I am now healthier than ever. January 2010 gave me the gift of complete wellness. My doctor cleared me from taking all medications. My wellness plan for maintaining optimal health is regular physical activity, a whole-food vegetarian diet, healthy relationships and spirituality.

While continuing on my journey, I discovered that a 100% vegan diet does not work for everyone. Through divine guidance, I was led to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I received my training as a Holistic Health Coach. My training included the study of over 100 dietary theories. Understanding that no one diet works for everyone, I’ve learned to integrate many dietary theories to developing a personalized plan that will work for you.

How I Can Support You

I specialize in helping vegetarian and non-vegetarian men and women struggling with weight issues who want to make life-long healthy lifestyle changes. I do this by providing my clients with information, support, accountability and a listening ear on their unique journey to a healthier way of life.

My ideal client is open and receptive to experiencing new things/ideas, enjoys good tasting food and wants to get out of his/her own way.

Let’s Get Acquainted

I would love the opportunity to speak with you about your health journey and ultimate health destination.  I invite you to a Journey to Wellness session to begin the process. During this session, I’ll learn more about you and you will learn about how I may play a role in helping you achieve dietary and lifestyle changes and goals towards optimal health. I look forward to hearing from you and exploring how we can work together to experience healthy living.

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