Cleanse and Hydrate with Cucumber Water

Cucumber Water FI

Is it me, or has you been feeling the same way? This summer has been pretty darn hot. I mean, I love warmth. Even on hot days and the A/C is set at 78, I will still throw a blanket over my legs and feet. I just like that snuggly warm feeling. So, what do you do when it’s blazing hot outside, but you still want to enjoy the beautiful day?

Well first, you have to stay hydrated. Most adults don’t drink enough water already and then to add hot, sunny days to mix can make for a bad situation. When you’re dehydrated, some symptoms you experience are dry mouth, dizziness, not urinating as much or even worse and gross-looking is your urine being dark yellow or close to orange in color, muscles cramps. Sometimes life can get a little busy on me and I forget to drink as much water. We now have three grandkids living with us that includes a set of just beginning to crawl eight month old boys. What I sometimes notice as the day progresses is I’ll start with a slight headache. If I don’t tackle when I notice it, I’ll have a full on migraine in a few hours.

It’s important to check in with yourself during the hot season and even the cold season when it involves getting plenty of fluids. It amazes me the number of conversations I have with people I know and total strangers that do not drink water. When I ask why, the response is mainly because they don’t like the taste of it. I’m thinking, “What is water supposed to taste like?”. I do know that in some cities the water quality is poor and drinking it can be difficult. I suggest if you can, to buy bottled water or try water filters.

What I enjoy doing is making flavored or infused water. My granddaughter loves this and will ask about making some kind of fun drink. I enjoy it because I’ve been allowing her mind to get creative on different food and drinks she would like to create. Our most recent drink is cucumber water with a hint of lime. The benefits of cucumber are awesome. They:
• Keep you hydrated
• Alkalize the body to reduce toxins and inflammation
• Lowers blood pressure
• Reduce under-eye bags and puffiness
• Cuts down your risk of different forms of cancer
• Loaded with minerals: magnesium and potassium
• Aids in weight loss
• Helps digestion

So give this a try. It’s simple and easy to make. Grab a cucumber, slice in disks or if you want to get fancy, take a vegetable peeler to shred into long strips. Get a glass water pitcher, put in your cut cucumber then fill with water. For additional flavor, cut a lemon or lime into wedges. Put in the refrigerator to chill.

Let me know how it goes. Hey, I would love for you to share some of your favorite ways to flavor your water.

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