Making it Live

My husband and I have been hosting a weekly small group titled “Food is Thy Medicine”. The goal is to teach and empower each other in the group to use the food God has given us to optimize our health, by using a plant-based approach. I am very high plant-based and will have an animal product (chicken, fish, or cheese) about once a week. That’s part of my 90-10 rule. My husband eats more meat and other animal products more than I, but he’s so on board with a healthier lifestyle.

In our small group, we’ve been using the curriculum by Hallelujah Acres, where I received my certification to become a Health Minister. The lifestyle consists of 80 – 85 percent raw and vegan foods, including fresh juices and smoothies and the remaining 15 – 20 percent minimally processed and cooked foods. There are many studies that show and prove that a diet or lifestyle high in plant based foods have been shown to decrease and even reverse many chronic conditions like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and weight loss.

Being able to share this information with our small group has been a blessing to us and to the group. It’s exciting to share recipes each week. On this particular Sunday, we did a live spaghetti dish. We enjoyed a nice garden salad with marinated mushrooms along with a live salad dressing. The “spaghetti noodles” were made from zucchini and I made the tomato sauce with fresh tomatoes.

Here are some pictures from what the group members took. My camera wasn’t working so I wasn’t able to get more pictures.

Live Spaghetti & Salad1

raw spaghetti


I don’t have the recipes to post right now, but as I grow with my blog, I will be sure to post.


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